A track written and recorded with Tom Lea.

Katie Cruel
Grand Chien
Grand Chien
Fuzzy Logic 4 Poster
Fuzzy Logic 4 poster thumbnail
London Food Freak

London Food Freak is the food blog of Senthil Sukumaran, sampling the finest culinary delights that The Capital has to offer.

Fuzzy Logic 2 poster

A poster for Fuzzy Logic – Classic Indie and Random Tunes at The Bell pub, London on 28th January 2012.

Bros before Hos by Jonathan Pomlett and Daniel Pomlett
Bros before Hos

An ambient track done with my little brother Jonathan when he came to stay with me in London.

Midnight Movies presents Repo Man

Another flyer for Midnight Movies, this time advertising their screening of the 80s cult classic, Repo Man.

Midnight Movies Present: Nightcap

I recently designed the flyer for Midnight Movies upcoming short film showcase taking place at the Rio Cinema in London.

Baron – Illegitimate Nephew

Ex Diagonal members Alex Crispin and Luke Fosters new band Baron have released there first album, Illegitimate Nephew, as a free download or on limited edition CD-R on the Reverb Workshop label.

Ministers Maid by Michael Smith & Daniel Pomlett
Ministers Maid featured image

Michael Smith on vocals, Daniel Pomlett on guitar. Written and recorded on a lazy morning with a lonely microphone in a last ditch attempt to be productive.

Louise Haywood-Schiefer

Louise Haywood-Schiefer is a London based freelance photographer specialising in portraits and music photography

Sleepy by Daniel Pomlett
Sally Cram

Sally Cram is a London based costume designer who creates beautiful cushions, dresses and other delights!

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